Breakout 1: Tech for Good – What does it mean to use technology for good? What is “good” technology?

Who are the people, projects, communities and industries that use technology to create social change?

Tech is doing good in many ways, in this session we will explore if technology holds the key for unlocking social innovation, we’ll hear from some of the most successful local examples of ways in which they have used technology to find solutions to social problems this will include examples from Building Change Trust’s Techies in Residence Programme, which combines the best tech talent in Northern Ireland with social challenges across a range of disciplines.

Festival host Naomi McMullan

“Naomi is a business journalist and broadcaster who wants to make economic news more accessible.
She has worked in the business unit of CNN International in London and for UTV in Belfast. Previously she was part of a team that set up Northern Ireland’s first podcast on entrepreneurship, to help share business knowledge.”

Breakout 2: Innovation in Government: Shaping the Policy Environment

The Northern Ireland Public Sector Innovation lab  brings innovation, design, experimentation and creativity to public sector challenges.  At the heart of this is user-centred design, which is about involving citizens in the co-design of policy and services.  This session is an opportunity to engage with the lab on one of its current projects. We have been working with DAERA to help develop an air quality strategy for Northern Ireland and this requires meaningful engagement with the public as well as the voluntary, community and private sectors.

We’ll be talking about sustainable transportation, cultural and economic shifts, human health and community well-being.

Together, let’s use this session to help shape policy direction based on how air quality affects our daily lives.

Keynote Alan Mahon Brewgooder

“Alan is the Founder of Brewgooder, the craft beer brand on a mission to bring 1,000,000 people clean drinking water. Brewgooder became the first social enterprise brand to gain a national listing with Asda in October 2016 just 3 months after launching their flagship style Clean Water Lager with a successful £60,000 crowdfund.

As a social entrepreneur he has been involved in the growth of Social Bite in Scotland, the high street sandwich chain which employs, trains and houses homeless and vulnerable people, along side his partner and has welcomed Hollywood stars such as George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio to his event, the Scottish Business Awards, raising over £3m.

He is a passionate believer in the power of ‘altruistic consumerism’ where everyday people can change the world for the better through everyday spending habits and is on a personal mission to bring social enterprise brands into the mainstream.”

Youth-unemployment placeholder

Breakout 3: How might we improve young people’s chances of getting a job? 

Youth Unemployment is one of the largest social challenges we face in Northern Ireland, and this session, led by Work West, and following on from the work that they’ve been doing through the Social Innovation NI Knowledge Exchange programme – will provide an opportunity for people to help generate new ideas for how to address unemployment amongst 16-18 year olds

Breakout 4: Corporate Social Innovation

Collaborating and Innovating with the private sector for Shared Value

One of the key challenges of our time is to find new ways to harness the innovation, technology, networks and problem-solving skills of the private sector in partnership with others. This session will explore how to harness the potential of partnership between private sector corporates, social entrepreneurs and the community and voluntary sector to apply innovative, entrepreneurial, performance driven and scalable approaches to solving societal problems.


Breakout 5: Mind the Gap… Who Cares?

The Role of Primary Care in Tackling Health Inequalities.

The conditions in which we are born, live, work and age affect our health.  They can promote and protect health or they can be health damaging. In Northern Ireland, as in many countries, the poorer you are, the worse your health outcomes will be. While we have seen real improvement sin the overall health of the population, the gap between the most and least affluent persists and in some instances is widening.

In this workshop we will unpick some of these issues and take a close look at the role primary care professionals, including doctors, pharmacists, health visitors and social workers, could or should play in tackling these seemingly intractable issues.

Breakout 6: Social Movements:
How individuals connecting, impacting and creating drives social change in society

Social movements are a wide variety of collective attempts to bring about a change in certain social institutions or to create an entirely new order, they affect society in many ways; Individual empowerment; Institutional change; cultural and political change.  This session will explore how people can come together in various ways, both harnessing digital technology and more traditional methods, and how this can shape thinking in the 21st century.


Breakout 7: Community Shares – Impact Investing for Everyone 

Community Shares – you could own part of a social enterprise working to make a difference in Northern Ireland – come along to find out how.

The term ‘community shares’ refers to withdrawable share capital; a form of share capital unique to co-operative and community benefit society legislation. This type of share capital can only be issued by co-operative societies, community benefit societies and charitable community benefit societies.

Community shares can save local shops and pubs, finance renewable energy schemes, transform community facilities, support local food growing, fund new football clubs, restore heritage buildings, and above all, build stronger, more vibrant, and independent communities.

Since 2009, almost a 120,000 people have invested over £100m to support 350 community businesses throughout the UK and over the last 4 years Cooperative Alternatives has, supported by the Building Change Trust been supporting the development of and share offers by this type of social enterprise in Northern Ireland.

Come along to the session to learn more about community shares and hear from local social enterprises seeking to develop their work and raise finance in this way.

You’ll get to hear some pitches , ask questions and spend some play money.

Breakout 8: Social Innovation & Design Thinking

This session will be an opportunity to try out one of the key methods involved in social innovation – Design Thinking –  so groups and organisations can see for themselves whether it can help them find new solutions to whatever societal challenges they are passionate about. ‘Design thinking’ is a creative approach to problem solving that starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor made to suit their needs.

NICVA logo

Breakout 9: #sochange.EU

Transforming social and environmental challenges into new business opportunities: untap the social innovation potential of European innovators and entrepreneurs

The session will present a new flagship programme funded by the European Commission, DG GROW, the Social Challenges Innovation Platform. The European market place for social innovation: an online ecosystem where social challenges can find the best innovative entrepreneurial solutions addressing their needs. An ecosystem made of social innovation players from different sectors (public, private and third sector), different thematic areas (inclusion, employment, environment, health, mobility, education), and different geographical contexts. aims to support these ecosystems finding the best answers to their needs, receive mentoring services through local partners, and get funds to co-develop and test proposed solutions. The programme will grant a total of 2.430.000 to 81 entrepreneurs in Europe (30.000€ each).

EBN and BDF will “walk” you through the social innovation places now active on the platform (with open challenges looking for solutions) and will share with participants their experiences in supporting and promoting social and inclusive innovation in Europe, speaking from a business perspective.

Holywell Stew

Holywell Trust, 7pm October 19th

As part of FuSIon Fest, the Holywell Trust will be hosting a special edition of Holywell Stew,  taking place on October 19th at Holywell Divercity Partnership, kicking off at 7pm.

Holywell STEW is a project of Holywell Trust to encourage local community activity and philanthropy in Derry/Londonderry. Based on the Detroit Soup model, Organisations will have the opportunity to pitch for small financial support (approximately £500) for a project to support local people. Every organisation that takes part in the programme will receive support and training on preparing and delivering their pitch.

On the night hear from 4 community initiatives hoping to support the local community.

To register for Holywell Stew, click here

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Speaker Carla McSorley, Customer Success Manager at FoodCloud

Carla is the Customer Success Manager at FoodCloud, a Social Enterprise that connects retailers with too much food to local charities through innovative technology. Working at FoodCloud since 2015, Carla has experienced firsthand the positive impact Social Enterprises and Social Innovation can have on local communities and businesses. Carla holds a Masters in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility from Queens University Belfast and a BSc in Environmental Health from University of Ulster.

FoodCloud works in partnership with FareShare NI to redistribute surplus food from retailers to local charities and community groups. FoodCloud has redistributed over 20 million meals to date in the UK and Ireland.