Breakout Session- Social Movements: How individuals connecting, impacting and creating drives social change in society

Social movements are a wide variety of collective attempts to bring about a change in certain social institutions or to create an entirely new order, they affect society in many ways; Individual empowerment; Institutional change; cultural and political change.  This session will explore how people can come together in various ways, both harnessing digital technology and more traditional methods, and how this can shape thinking in the 21st century.

In this breakout session we’re delighted to hear from Conor Houston of the Centre for Democracy & Peace Building, who, just before FuSIon Fest, will be delivering an address to the One Young World conference in Bogota on Driving Change in Northern Ireland. Conor was one of the founders of the Young Influencers Movement in Northern Ireland.

He’ll be joined by Ciaran Murray- previously the anonymous writer of Pure Derry and the Ulster Fry, who has spun this out to launch Your Derry – a social movement through which he aims to spark public conversation, generate ideas and implement innovative new ways to regenerate his hometown by bringing ideas, innovators and influencers together.  Their first initiative ‘Walled City Open Coffee’, which brings late night coffee culture to Derry for the first time and asks competing coffee shops to work together to promote coffee culture, has just been made permanent after a two month successful trial period.

We’ll be looking at how the power of the crowd can be harnessed and used to change the nature of discourse and help to create and influence.

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